Frequently asked questions about the CopyTraderBot

The CopyTraderBot enables you to keep track and follow professional traders who have been carefully selected from the Binance Leaderboard.

When the professional trader is making a trade you trade at the same time in your own exchange account. While you are in control of the balance spend on this trade and the leverage factor! 

Thanks to the CopyTraderBot you no longer have to pay a fee to the master trader and you can follow Binance traders without having to own a Binance account.


We are working on an explainer video to show you the CopyTraderBot in detail. This video is expected to launch at the end of september.

This depends on how many traders you want to follow. You can follow 1 to 5 traders via the bot. In addition, it depends on how active the trader is that day and how much price action there is in the crypto market. On an average day this is between 5 and 10 trades if you follow 5 traders.

The CopyTraderBot immediately sends buy and sell alerts from the top 5 Binance traders, the maximum time measured for the trade alert to the CopyTraderBot is 3 seconds.

By default, the bot uses a lever of X10. You can adjust this yourself in the robot parameters.

By default, our robot uses 5% of your capital in your 'derivatives account' for each trade. You can easily adjust this yourself in the robot's parameters.

Our success rate is equal to the average of the top 5 Binance traders. This information is publicly available on the Binance leader board.

The succes rate is currently between 80 and 90%.

By joining the CryptoTraderBot you get access to:

-100% of the signals from the top 5 Binance traders worldwide live

-A robot that automatically and instantly places the same trades as the top Binance traders of your choice. This without giving a percentage of your profit to the Pro trader!

Onze robot is te gebruiken met Binance, Bybit en Bitget. Wij raden Bybit aan voor de laagste transactie kosten.

Maak een account aan op Bybit om 1 maand gratis de CopyTraderBot te gebruiken!


That's entirely up to you. You can start trading as little as €100, but we recommend keeping a budget of at least €1000 so that the CopyTraderBot can trade comfortably.

Once you have signed up, you are automatically redirected to the instructional channel, where everything is explained in detail.

In a nutshell:

-Create a Bybit account for 1 month of free use
-Purchase the CopyTraderBot for free.
-Pair the CopyTraderBot with your exchange account
-Choose the master trader(s) to copy
-Premium Crypto Trading Signals are automatically executed in your trading account!


" The CopyTraderBot trading signals maximize my profits without the hassle. "

Jef Moss