ByBit API Key Creation

Obviously, before you can create a Bybit API Key you should have a Bybit account. Otherwise, click on the button above to create one. At this point, we assume that you have an account and are ready to create an API Key. With this API KEY you’re able to use the CopyTraderBot! Just follow the 10 steps below!

1) Click API

In the right corner, you can hover over the image to see your account settings. Click here on “API”.

Bybit API create

2) Create API Key

Click on “Create New Key” to start generating an API Key. Select “System-generated API Keys” to move on.

Bybit create new API key

3) Enter the API Key parameters

  1. Type in a name for the API KEY. Use “CopyTraderBot”
  2. You should select “Read Write” for API Key Permissions
  3. Then select “orders” and “positions” checkboxes
  4. That’s all! Click on “Submit” to finish
Bybit create read-write api key

4) Confirm your Keys

For security reasons, a code is now sent to you via email and via Google 2FA. Please enter it to complete security verification.

Bybit api key security

5) Copy your API Keys

Your API keys are now generated! Copy these keys to paste them later in the CopyTraderBot Premium Telegram group.

Bybit API key succes

6) Go to the Copy Trader Bot telegram group and click on configure

Your API keys are now generated! Copy these keys to paste them later in the CopyTraderBot Premium Telegram group.

CopyTraderBot Configuration

7) Select Bybit and paste you API keys

Simple paste the API Keys that you copied in step 5. 

Here you can also choose your leverage. It’s standard X10 but if you would like to change it for example to 5X you can do it here.

Furthermore, you can choose here what percentage of your Bybit derivatives account balance you would like to choose to use for the CopyTraderBot!


Bybit send Api and secret key

8) Select the traders you would like to follow

Choose one or more traders you would like to copy trade in your Bybit account!

Select the traders bybit

9) Earn passively

You’re done now! Keep track of the trades in the official CopyTraderBot channel. Or just look at the P&L in your Bybit derivatives account!

The CopyTraderBot uses the funds in your Bybit derivatives account to trade. Transfer at least $100 USDT to your Bybit derivatives account to start with.

CopyTraderbot earn

10) Keep track of your trades

It’s always good to keep track of your trading account. If you are familiar with the bot you can choose to transfer more USDT to your Bybit derivatives account. 

Keep in mind that the bot always uses USDT to trade. So, make sure you have enough USDT in your derivatives account. Keep track of your (unrealized) P&L and share it with your friends to show off! 🙂

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