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Our Story

The creation of the CopyTraderBot has its origins in bringing together 3 individuals, each with their own experience in the field of cryptocurrency. Where a blogger, a trader and a crypto enthusiast came together on a new idea.

The trader was struggling to make his trading strategy profitable, the blogger was getting more and more questions about trading signals and the crypto enthusiast wanted to start a new business in the field of cryptocurrency.

While there are lots of trading signals and bots out there, they all work with algorithms that try to predict the price in terms of technical indicators. The humanity of crypto trading signals and trading bots was missing. After all, fundamental analysis and breaking news updates also play an important role when trading cryptocurrency.

Copy Trading is a solution here, but the fees you have to remit from your profits to the master trader you follow start from 10%. This is a real shame for your long term profitability. In addition, you can’t always follow the best traders because they don’t have the copy trading function enabled or because these professional traders are located on another exchange than the one where you are active on.

The CopyTraderBot was developed with this knowledge in mind. The CopyTraderBot lets you follow the 5 best traders who have been carefully selected from the Binance Leaderboard. Thanks to the CopyTraderBot you no longer have to pay a fee to the master trader and you can follow Binance traders without having to use a Binance account.

To top it off, you can choose exactly which of the traders you want to copy and which you don’t. This way you stay in control!

"Profitable trading is so hard for retail traders to accomplish. That's why we created a solution for people who would like to take advantage of the knowledge of professional traders."